In English

About us

The Swedish Network for Global Mental Health is a non-profit association consisting of individuals with a shared interest in mental health in a global context. We strive towards understanding and strengthening Sweden’s capacity to work for improvements in global mental health with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups. The membership is open for anyone who is interested in the field.

The aims of the association are to:

  • Integrate the work for improved mental health with the transformation towards a socially sustainable society.
  • Act as an interdisciplinary platform and meeting point for professionals and students within academic, clinical and humanitarian fields with interest and engagement in global mental health.
  • Make research and knowledge about mental health available for a broader audience and provide a representative view of the global burden of mental illness.
  • Strive towards reducing stigma around mental health and highlight the violations of human rights that are committed globally agains individuals suffering from mental illness.
  • Evaluate and understand Sweden’s role and capacity for working for improvements in mental health, and strive towards improving the very same.

What we do

The activities of the association consists of:

  • Arranging seminars and lectures.
  • Offer platforms for communication for professionals and others interested in the field.
  • Arrange meetings and exchange of knowledge and experiences within academia and between sectors.
  • Communicate news and research results through newsletters and social media.

Our work is organized through three working groups:

Communication group – making sure that knowledge of the field reaches a broader audience through media, digital channels and advocacy.
Event group – arranging seminars and lectures in order to raise global mental health on the national and global development agenda.
Writing group – undertaking advocacy and spreading knowledge through debate articles, reports and other texts.

Most of the association’s communication and events are in Swedish, but we regularly arrange events in English as well. We strive for a welcoming atmosphere for everyone regardless of what language they speak.


Membership is open for anyone interested in global mental health. As a member you will receive access to internal communication channels through our Facebook group and Slack, opportunities to participate in closed network events and member meetings, as well as the opportunity to participate in the associations practical work through our working groups. The association also regularly arranges lectures and seminars that are open to a broader audience.