Swedish Network for Global Mental Health

The Swedish Network for Global Mental Health is an independent, non-profit and interdisciplinary association, based in Stockholm but active nationally. The association aims to understand and strengthen Sweden’s role and capacity to work for improved global mental health with a focus on particularly vulnerable groups. Membership is open to anyone interested in the field. The association is run in accordance with our statutes.

The objectives of the association are to:

  • Integrate efforts to improve mental health with the transition to a socially sustainable society.
  • Act as an interdisciplinary platform and meeting place for professionals and students in academic, clinical and humanitarian fields with an interest and commitment to global mental health.
  • Make mental health research and knowledge accessible to a wider public and provide a representative picture of the global prevalence of mental illness.
  • Work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, and highlight the human rights violations committed globally against individuals suffering from mental illness.
  • Evaluate and understand Sweden’s role and capacity to promote improved global mental health, and work to increase it.

The association works by regularly

  • Organizing seminars and lectures.
  • Providing platforms for communication to professionals and other interested parties.
  • Organizing meetings for the exchange of knowledge and experience within academia and between different sectors of society.
  • Communicate news and research results through social media.

The first initiatives to form the network were taken in the spring of 2020, when a workshop with about twenty participants was held at Karolinska Institutet with the aim of collecting ideas and suggestions about what an association could look like. The network formally became an association in connection with a constituent annual meeting in April 2021.

Governing Board for the year 2023/2024

Cecilia Abrahamsson, child rights and development expert

Kristofer Vernmark, psychologist, PhD
Vice Chairperson

Katalin Vincze, public health scientist and PhD student

Per Kåks, medical doctor and PhD student

Ida Mälarstig, psychologist and PhD student

Mamduh Halawa, psychologist

Greta Wester, psychologist and PhD student

Hans-Erik Eriksson, psychologist

Javier Charry, psychologist
Alternate member

Zena Awad, psychologist and MHPSS expert
Alternate member